16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 21, 2013

Martha's sister Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and assumed a role that wasn't considered hers in those days.  It was shameful of her in Martha's eyes, but Jesus did not mind.  Rather, Jesus associated with people that society looked down upon.  Jesus entered the home of Martha and Mary, but He was the one providing hospitality.  Jesus was feeding Mary with the Father's love and life.  This "divine" hospitality was of God's new house, the Kindgom.  Our job in our lives today is to live out the belovedness God has for us, to live out God's hospitality for others, and to therefore, be alive.


Preacher: Father Xavier Lavagetto, OP, Western Dominican Province

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Mary, Divine, Hospitality, Kingdom, Alive
Father Xavier Lavagetto OP